Mental Health Note

Mental health

Are you aware of your mental health?

You must have seen many articles, slogans, have heard podcasts and other events to raise mental health awareness. When something bad happens or we see news of someone’s suicide on social media, we say oh, that person’s mental health was not good. But do you really aware of your mental health. Talking about this is still taboo in many places. I am not an expert in this field or medical professional, but something I am going to talk about is from my life experience. So, let’s Talk!

What actually is mental health??

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social behavior. Our mental health affects our thinking ability, our moods, and our acts in public and private. Just like our physical health when we catch a fever or cold, which affects our body and makes it sick, mental health affects how we feel. If we have to separate it from mental illness, I would say when someone diagnosed with or separately treats mental illness, it considers mental disorders.

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We all face different mental health issues on different levels in various situations. The reason can be anything like stress, heartbreak, parenting issues, family trauma or family medical history, and even bad friendships. These factors affect our way of living. And sometimes we don’t even recognize this until it becomes something serious. Apparently, ours or other sudden action makes us shock-like breakdown in public and even results in suicides. So, question is, how to identify those early signs and get help?

Identify Early Signs-

The signs can vary from person to person and from situation to situation. But here are some common ones-

  • Lack of sleep and eating disorders like eating too much or too less
  • Continuous anxiety and feeling of depression
  • Feeling lonely, helpless
  • Feeling nothing like empty or not really getting affected by things 
  • Want to run away to a deserted place or hide in some place alone
  • The feeling of self-harming and continuous self-doubt
  • Yelling or becoming angry without proper reason, scared and worried, and continuously thinking about the same 
  • Lack of social involvement or staying away from people 
  • Engaging in bad habits of drinking, smoking, etc.



Getting Help –

The basic solution is talking about this. Talk with someone you trust. If you can’t do it and have a fear that those people might judge you then take proper medical help, there are NGO’s to guide, you just have to dial their number. Open up your thoughts, start writing a journal, and keep recording your thoughts, you will be able to identify those triggers. Spend some time in the fresh air, practice meditation, do some physical activity even a simple walk in a park can help you in improving mental health.



You must understand that you have potentials, identify it. Have faith in yourself and in your ability. Know that you are sufficient. 



What’s your thought on mental health? Please share in the comment box!


Disclaimer: Here, I have not touched on the detailed medical terms or disorders because I am not an expert in that field. I only covered the things which we experience in our day to day life. It’s just my personal experience and effort to raise mental health awareness. 


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